Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Dearest non-existent reader,

I'm writing you to apologize for the lack of information recently. I've recently entered a turbulent period of my life--I'm getting married, moving across the country, and finishing my PhD. This means I don't have a lot of time to hammer away at constructing Act II.

Don't get me wrong--it will be done. I'd love to have a fully written draft by the end of 2013, after all. I'll do my best to make that happen.

But it's gonna be tough goings gettin' there. A good amount is done already, but you need to understand that writing is work and writing at the peak of my capability is extremely difficult work. It's fun work, yes, but it's work nonetheless. It takes a lot out of me and there ain't much to give these days--I spend so much time writing my dissertation that its hard to see sitting back down at a computer desk and typing more as any kind of comfortable respite.

Sales are just as non-existent as you, reader. Still sitting at 4 actual purchases. That's not a great motivator, either. It's my fault, I don't have time to advertise or whatever. That's not me, anyway. That's not how I "operate."

The free copies I've given away to reviewers have come back more positive than negative, generally. That's good, that makes me happy. I found out I don't like reviews, though, even if they're 100% positive. They make me self-obsess. They're counterproductive to my writing, too, because now I don't just think "what happens next" I think "will people like that" as well.

And that is a TERRIBLE way to write. That's why so many books and movies are garbage. You can't pander to your audience. I want to tell the story as it happens and not modify events to gain public appeal. I'm not some Hollywood producer and this isn't a summer blockbuster.

So I've decided to stop sending out free copies to reviewers (haven't done so in months) and I won't send out any copies of Act II or Act III to reviewers in the future. Yes, this means that it will be almost entirely overlooked since no one will know about it, but, y'know what? It already is almost entirely overlooked, so what's the difference?

Bottom-line it for ya: Act II will hit ya. Sometime. My goal was this fall, but that seems unlikely now. We'll see. It won't be forgotten, though, and that's a promise.



PS: I know you're non-existent because blogger reports page views. And there ain't been none.