Sunday, June 17, 2012

The First Three Weeks

Act I of Empire Zero has been on Amazon for three weeks now. In that time, I've made a total of one sale. I guess that's what no advertising will do for'ya.

When I put the story on Amazon, I enrolled in the KDP program. This program lets you put your book on "sale" for free on five days of your choosing in every three month period. So far, I've been putting it for sale on every Saturday of June (including yesterday).

This is what my free distribution has looked like:

June 2nd: 263 free copies downloaded
June 9th: 39 free copies downloaded (302 total)
June 16th: 25 free copies downloaded (327 total)

My original plan was to have the story available for free on every Saturday of June, but now I think it may be a better idea to hold onto my last two free days. Hopefully some of the people who've downloaded it for free will enjoy and review the book. Once it has a couple of reviews, I can try another free day and see what happens.

So, if you've come here because you've read Empire Zero, please go ahead and review the book on the Amazon webpage (you can click the cover in the right sidebar to go directly to the page). If you didn't like the book, still go ahead and leave a review but make sure you explain why--if it's something that is fixable in the sequel, I'd like to know now before I devote too much time traveling down the wrong path.

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